Have you wondered why it is difficult for your teen to focus on a task, is forgetful, or is impulsive?

This 4 week group session will answer questions that you have about AHDH and the impact it has on your teen. Even if your teen hasn't been officially diagnosed with ADHD but exhibits these symptoms, these classes will be very helpful. We will go through an overview of ADHD, such as symptoms and causes and effects of ADHD. Is medication an option? Is a special diet worth considering? What can you do as a parent to effectively support your teen? We will also look at what types of accommodations might be helpful to your teen. How can you work together with school to best support your teen, so that his/her learning opportunities are maximized.

The group will structured in a way that you will learn about ADHD and your teen, as well as have an opportunity to connect with other parents who are faced with similar struggles.

Groups sessions will run on Monday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30, starting on October 16 - November 6, at the Luciak Counselling office.

The cost of the sessions will be $240.00 ($60.00 per session - two people) which will cover the cost of four sessions plus GST. Both parents are encouraged to attend group sessions, if possible.

Any questions or to register, please use this form below to contact the group facilitator, Edith Dening (B.Ed., MACP).